How To Make Herbal Teas & Fomentations

Definition:  Tea:  A hot drink made by placing Leaves, Roots, Flowers, and other Herbal Plant Parts into boiling water to extract the Flavors and the healing Bio-Chemical properties of the Herbs used. There are two ways of making Herbal Teas – an Infusion and a Decoction.

Definition:  Infusion:  A Tea made by placing various Herbs into a cup or mug which is then covered with boiling water and left to steep (soak) for a period of time (no simmering).  Normally, the longer the Tea is left to steep, the stronger it gets.  This method is reserved for the softer parts of Herbs such as the Flowers and the Leaves where the delicate flavors and oils are preserved.

Definition:  Decoction:  A Tea made by placing various Herbs into a pot of water which is then brought to a boil and then left to simmer for a 10 to 15 minutes.  This method is usually used for the tougher parts of Herbs such as the Roots of Plants and / or the Bark of Trees.

Definition:  Fomentation:  A Tea that is used to soak strips of cloth or bandages which are then used to cover wounds.  Fomentations can be made with either Infusions or Decoctions.

Most people think of Tea as being a chance to take a moment or two off of a busy day for some personal relaxation, or as a social drink for special occasions.  In England, the surest sign of having made it into the highest social circles would be, “Tea with the Queen”.

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In Japan, the drinking of Tea has actually been ritualized to the point of being a religious experience and where being invited to a Tea Ceremony is one of the highest praises one can bestow upon another person for the purpose of honoring them.

This is, of course, the shortened version of the above history lesson, and it is recommended for those who are interested in this subject to do their own homework and research to delve deeper into this very interesting subject.

However, let’s take a deeper look at Tea from a Medicinal viewpoint right now, so that one and all can appreciate the very special place Tea has in many societies throughout the entire World.

  • It was not just the Black and Green Teas laced with Caffeine that gave everyone a pleasant buzz that grabbed Man’s attention.
  • The importance of using Herbal Teas to Save Lives is of utmost importance, and may very well be the foundation behind all of the ceremonies surrounding it.  Tea used medicinally can be a Life Saver.

It is that important!!!

One of the fastest ways to get the healing properties of Herbs into the body is by the use of Teas.  The best way to make any Tea is by using distilled water only!  Distilled water is empty, and will absorb all of the beneficial bio-chemicals from the herbs, giving the most benefit.

One can drink one’s Tea either hot or cold, but you’ll get the best results and better absorption when it’s hot.

In an Emergency when no medical attention is close by, one can quickly make a Tea out of surrounding herbs, and then dip some clean rags or bandages into the mixture to use as a Fomentation to cover open wounds.

In olden times, before modern emergency procedures were created, this was the way soldiers had their battle wounds treated, and how people handled serious, life threatening accidents.

Some common Herbs that can be used very effectively for this are:  Dandelions (The Roots, the Leaves, the Stems and the Flowers are awesome) and can be used for upset stomach and cleansing the intestinal tract of toxins; Plantain (that little plant growing between the cracks of, and surrounding sidewalks which can be skinny or wide leafed – not the banana like fruit) is absolutely marvelous for handling Infections, Snake Bites, and Insect Bites of all kinds, including even Black Widow or Brown Recluse Bites.

Using a Fomentation of Jewel Weed will handle Poison Ivy or Poison Oak.

There are no limits as to how the above data can be applied.  There are certain Herbs that specialize in Digestion problems, others for general Healing, and still more for handling Pain and Infections.

There are even Herbs to help get rid of Cancer.

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by Meryl M