Austin Air Replacement Filter HealthMate Junior 110 Volt FR200B

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Available in four colors: White, Black

Replacement filter for Austin Air Healthmate Jr HM200 in black, silver or midnight blue color.,The Austin Air HealthMate Jr. filter is constructed using a true medical High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter surrounded by a carbon/zeolite mixture capable of absorbing odors and gases.

HEPA filters remove 99.97 percent of all particles down to 0.3 microns in size and .1 microns 95 percent.,Black pre-filter included for your black, silver or midnight blue air purifier unit. Power: 110 Volt.

About Austin Air

Austin Air is the provider of Premium Healthmate air purifier. This air purifier is a product of scientific innovation matched with the inventor’s inspiration to help his wife live in a clean environment.

The company is focused on producing high-end filtration systems. It has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world at 480,000 square feet.

The company manufactures all of its parts in-house. It manufactures its filters, metal forming as well as its paint. This practice will assure you that everything is within the control of Austin Air.

With this, you are secured that the products that you purchase are safe and has passed the quality control of the manufacturer.

Austin Air Prides Itself on the Following Claims and Test Results:

The products undergo rigid product tests on its flow rate, flow design, and removal of vapors, gases, and sub-micron particles have been performed by Battelle Laboratories.

Austin Air was chosen by the US Government to fulfill the largest deployment of air cleaners in the American History. The company was also selected by FEMA and The Red Cross to address the serious air quality concerns after the 9/11 incident in New York.
Austin Air Purifiers Designed from the Scratch and Now Made Perfect through Time!

The company is focused on developing the most critical component of the air cleaner which is the filter. Its powerful 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides to maximize efficiency and deliver purified air faster.

In every minute, 250 cubic feet of air is processed by a four-stage filter that progressively removes harmful contaminants from the atmosphere. This process enables Austin Air cleaners to:

  •  Achieve the highest levels of performance
  •  Attain superior air flow rates
  • Sustain longer filter life
  • Increase the life expectancy of the Medical Grade HEPA, the most critical media in the filtration process.

Austin Air Technology at its Finest
In every product, one will find a True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon. This is the only trusted filter technology used in hospitals and operating rooms.

True HEPA is the most effective particulate filtering media on the market. We specifically manufacture Activated Carbon, which is highly porous, giving the carbon a larger surface area to chemically bind and absorb more impurities like Volatile Organic Compounds and other noxious gases.

Austin Air Products

Here are examples of Austin Air Products that you can purchase for you to experience a cleaner in your home or office!

HealthMate Standard

This unit is very effective at removing particles in the air including dust, pollens and smoke elements. If you are looking for healthy, fresh, and clean air, this product is for you!
This is great at removing chemicals and gases in the air as well as viruses and bacteria. This unit is capable of cleaning the air for areas up to 1500 sq ft.

HealthMate Plus

This product is capable of cleaning toxic gas such as benzene, wood smoke, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds from the air.

This is capable of trapping 99.97% of all polluting particulates down to 0.3 microns.
HealthMate Plus is ideal for people with pre-existing health issues as well as individuals who are exposed to high particle and gas contamination areas. This unit is capable of cleansing the air for areas up to 1500 sq ft.

 Allergy Machine

Allergy Machine is designed specifically for allergy and asthma relief. It is also designed to remove viruses and bacteria. This product has a special filtration for removing allergens, chemicals, and gases from the air.

Using the Allergy Machine will allow you to get the following benefits:

  •  Sounder Sleep
  •  Reduced Snoring
  •  Stop Sneezing
  •  Reduce Nighttime Allergies & Asthma Attacks
  •  Strengthens Your Immune System
  •  Reduce Coughing and Sneezing
  • Eliminate Dry Mouth and Runny Nose

These three products are just examples of the many Austin Air units. Product offering varies from The Bedroom Machine to The Pet Machine, other products that are suitable for your kids are also available.

Check our Austin Air Junior Units to be able to know what suits you best!

All Austin Air products are now available at the Nutritional Institute LLC from Grayslake IL.

As you buy Austin Air products, you make sure that the air that you and your family breath is cleaner and more secure! We use this product in our office and it sure is different breathing Austin Air!

by Meryl M