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The Everest Treadmill Desk is the ultimate walking workstation. Everest features a SteadyType Keyboard tray for optimal standing and walking ergonomics.

  • SteadyType™ Keyboard Tray
  • Premium, Made-in-America Desk
  • World’s first treadmill designed for the office
  • Feature-rich Reliant Base
  • Available up to 83” wide, with keyboard tray options
  • Exclusive Ergo-contoured 3D laminated tabletop
  • Neat™-certified

SteadyType™ adjustable keyboard trays offer unmatched ergonomics and stability for standing and treadmill desk users. You can set your keyboard to any angle up to 85 degrees, which allows for a truly neutral arm/wrist position while standing.

The benefits are even more pronounced while treadmill desking. Additionally, SteadyType trays are far more stable than traditional trays, leading to significantly less monitor shaking. And they match the finish of your desk to boot.

The Everest is unique in that you can choose the position of your SteadyType tray on larger models, as well as opting for double SteadyType trays for an ergonomic sit-stand-walk workstation. Your treadmill and chair/stool can live side by side, letting you switch modalities effortlessly throughout the workday.

Premium, Made-in-America Everest Standing Desk

Made in America to the highest manufacturing quality standards, the Everest is the most advanced, versatile, and attractive standing desk ever created.

This product is made in Michigan, America’s heartland for office furniture manufacturing, with only the Bosch motors imported from Germany.

The Everest’s quality promise is reflected in its incomparable warranty coverage, the most extensive offered by any height-adjustable desk manufacturer.

ThermoTread GT—Designed for the Office

The ThermoTread GT is the quietest treadmill on the market, running at a faint 43 dB and beating its closest competition by a whole 5 decibels.

That’s lower than the ambient noise levels of most offices, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your coworkers.

This treadmill desk bundle is well-suited for shared, departmental use as well. The Everest features four different height presets, and the ThermoTread GT also supports multiple user profiles to remember your individual usage stats and preferences.

And just in case your legal department has any concerns about company liability, show them this: Before activating the treadmill, our console requires the user to click off on a liability waiver “clickwrap,” just like they do when using the GPS navigation system in their car.

This exclusive feature of iMovR treadmill desks protects your organization from an unsafe operation and potential liability while creating a contemporaneous record of all equipment usage.

Made with Modern Technology to Work Better

The ThermoTread GT is the only office treadmill on the market to feature a desktop console with a full-color, touch screen display; not unlike the smartphone in your pocket.

This display, coupled with the console’s powerful microprocessor, makes it faster and easier to operate the treadmill than the antiquated membrane keys every other walking treadmill base uses.

All the basic functionality to display walking speed, distance, time, calorie burn and other performance statistics are there, but the ThermoTread GT is the only office treadmill that allows you set up your own user profile (up to 5 profiles can be created) and track these stats across all three work modalities – walking, standing, and sitting – for a complete picture of your total office fitness.

Built to Last

The ThermoTread GT is built to our exacting standards for reliability and performance. Where other treadmills use lower-cost melamine or phenolic walking decks, the ThermoTread GT uses a premium 1”-thick Bakelite deck, providing unmatched durability.

The entire motor and drivetrain are optimized to give you the most torque at low walking speeds for long periods of time, so you needn’t worry about motor failure – a common problem when people try walking on what is really a running treadmill under the hood (designed for high torque at high speeds, but underpowered at low speeds).

The ThermoTread GT’s impressive 400 lb. weight rating was engineered using finite element analysis and verified with machine-simulated, real-world stress testing.

The desktop console includes a USB port for you to easily update the office treadmill’s software with regular software improvements.

Soon, the ThermoTread GT will become an appliance on the “Internet of Things” through the addition of the optional iMovR CloudStation, available next year. Your treadmill, computer, and stand up desk can all plug into the CloudStation.

The ThermoTread GT’s patent-pending circuitry interprets electrical current fluctuations caused by you stepping on the belt, precisely measuring your walking speed, the distance you walked, and your step count as well as the health of the treadmill. This data is then sent to the CloudStation, uploaded to the iMovR Cloud, and attached to your user profile.

Your user profile can also include your preferred treadmill speeds, desk height, and monitor height, allowing you to log into any iMovR treadmill desk and immediately get to work at your ideal ergonomic setting. The CloudStation is expected to be available in 2018.

Feature-Packed Reliant Base

The Everest’s Reliant base incorporates two synchronized Bosch precision motors, enabling it to lift up to 265 lbs without breaking a sweat.

While other electric desks can sound like coffee grinders, the Reliant’s hushed Motorworks is barely audible in the typical office environment, putting out only 42dB on a descent and 46dB when lifting, at a swift 1.5″ per second travel speed.

It’s the perfect companion to the ThermoTread GT, which has been similarly tuned for high power and low noise.

The base features a programmable controller with up to four preset height settings and a programmable digital controller with an LED display that shows the actual height of the desk.

It’s also width-adjustable (up to 75”). This makes it future-proof, ensuring its continued utility even if you need a different-sized desk or want to change your office decor down the road.

Super low energy consumption is another hallmark of the Reliant base, which draws less than 0.5 watts in standby mode, and only 1.4A under a continuous lift.

Available up to 83″ Wide

The Everest is ideal for an all-inclusive sit-stand-walk workstation, with treadmill and office chair side by side. It sets itself apart from the pack with an extraordinary range of width, with up tabletops up to 83” available.

The base features a height adjust range of 26” all the way up to 50.5” (including tabletop), with available 4” height extenders for taller users.

Additionally, you can customize the placement of your SteadyType keyboard tray on larger tabletops, or even opt for double SteadyType.

iMovR’s Exclusive 3D Lamination Technology

Defining the state-of-the-art in adjustable-height furniture, all iMovR tabletops are Ergo-contoured on precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and then hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination, providing superior performance to conventional high-pressure laminated, powder coated, and even hardwood tops you’ll find on other desks.

Every desk manufacturer claims their table tops are “unique,” but in fact, most all of them use the same “high-pressure lamination” (HPL) process that’s been around for decades. Sounds fancy, but all it really means is that a 3mm thick laminate is pressed onto a particle board or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) core, usually 3/4″ or 1” thick.

If you’ve ever removed the grommet cover and looked at the cross-section of the unfinished inside of one of these typical table tops you’ve surely noticed the raw wood showing through. All iMovR table tops are manufactured with much more advanced technology than standard HPL.

They outperform all HPL and powder-coated table tops, and even most hardwood tops, in resistance to dings, scratches, discoloration, and damage from cleaning chemicals – and they look oh, so much nicer.

People often mistake our 3D-laminated tabletops for expensive solid hardwood tops, even though they cost less than what competitors charge for the old stuff.

All the edges and corners of our tabletops are precision-contoured to create an elegant, yet ergonomic “comfort edge,” while also rounding off those sharp corners that are unavoidable with a standard “PVC edge-banded” rectangular table tops.

The chosen color or woodgrain image is then thermofused to the core using an advanced 3D lamination process that covers every exposed surface of the wood – even down through the insides of the fully-laminated grommet holes.

This 3D lamination method is not only more elegant in appearance compared to standard lamination, it better protects the tabletop from moisture damage and warping, and guarantees a higher level of durability. So durable, in fact, that even strong disinfectants used in hospitals will not tarnish your table top’s finish.


by Meryl M