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With Nutritional Institute’s NEW Health Nuts Radio™ audio programs.

Learn the remarkable health powers of all-natural organic foods, healthy products and all-natural remedies from top experts who have focused their passion and expertise on disease prevention and healthy living.

Nutritional Institute’s mission is to empower people of all ages to be healthier, feel more confident and function at their highest level, physically, mentally and emotionally. We believe that, given the proper tools, anyone can make healthy choices.

Health Nuts Radio™ is one of the most powerful of those tools – reaching tens of thousands of Americans across the country every week, and providing a forum for them to hear, learn and understand the basics and nuances of living healthier, better lives.

Why Nutritional Institute?

Linda Slater-Dowling, C.N.H.P, founded Nutritional Institute after surviving a severe illness. She was cured, not through allopathic medicine, but through an intensely healthy diet and lifestyle. Determined to share her success with others, she formed the Institute. Four years later, she created Health Nuts Radio™ as an outreach platform to help others in similar situations frustrated by traditional medicine’s failure to provide relief.


from our highly credible practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists and other experts who cover topics such as FDA regulations (or lack of), MSG, vaccines, antibiotics and organic agriculture along with ways to address specific health issues naturally, while they share their expertise with listeners and internet explorers on our website.

Be Informed…

by Linda and Nutritional Institute’s Health Nuts, who believe most people would inherently choose healthier foods (without added hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, Trans fats, etc.) and a cleaner environment. Unfortunately, many Americans, despite living in the most prolific country in the world, do not have access to the very things that will keep them well – pure, healthy food and a clean, non-toxic environment.

We sincerely believe we can change this by helping one person at a time adopt a healthier lifestyle and that together we can, ultimately, build a cleaner, healthier world…

Nutritional Institute and Health Nuts Radio™ is committed to educating people about the astonishing benefits of fulfilling their true nutritional needs, helping turn around the health-worsening trend that’s emerged in the past decades and instead, transform themselves, from the inside out, into a healthier, more confident and happier person.

We believe “Health is Wealth,” and living longer and stronger transcends race, age and beliefs. We’ll provide you with healthy products, healthy foods, health education plus health and environmental news and you’ll be off to a running start on the road to enhanced health!