Echinacea Plus Formula

Throw your fresh chopped-up Echinacea Angustafolia roots into a blender with
100 Proof Vodka / Everclear / Alcohol and puree. Pour mixture into a gallon
jar so that by the time you are finished, at least 2/3rds to 3/4ers of the
jar is filled with plant matter. Shake this mixture at least once a day.
Best is to make on the new moon and press on the full moon.
After you have pressed out the plant matter after a minimum of 14 days, you
should have about 3/4’ers of you jar filled with your freshly made tincture.
Add 3 dropperfuls of Cayenne tincture and 3 dropperfuls of freshly squeezed
Garlic juice. This is the Echinacea Plus formula.