Intestinal Kleanse 4 Kids

Equal parts by volume of the following all organic ingredients:
1. Fig Syrup

2. Prune Syrup

3. Senna Leaf (powdered)

4. Ginger Root (powdered)

5. Fennel Seed (powdered)

6. Cherry Bark (powdered)

7. Turkey Rhubarb Root (powdered)

8. Cascara Sagrada Bark (powdered)

9. Whatever volume you arrive at with the above mixture, use again as much of
50% Organic Maple Syrup and 50% Pure Vegetable Glycerin by volume. Let sit
for two weeks and then strain (press). Best is to make on the New Moon then
strain and press on the Full.

Dosage for a small new born baby would be to start off with 5 drops with his
evening meal and then increase by 5 drops on a daily basis until you get the
desired effect of 3 to 4 easy bowel movements a day. On an older child, start
with 1 dropperful (goes half way up the tube) and increase daily until
individual dosage is reached. You don’t even have to have a nerve supply to
your bowel and this formula will make you poop!